Friday, September 10, 2010

Client Service Starts With Me

Ever find yourself in an automated phone tree? Press 1 to press more buttons. Press 8 to go in circles. Press 9 to hear these options again. Sometimes you make it to a human; you tell your story only to learn they can’t help you. You’re transferred to someone else, tell your story again, and on and on. You don’t dare hang up for fear of losing your place in the queue. Eventually you’re lost in the phone tree shuffle.

Unfortunately, a lot of consumers have experienced this brand of client service and they aren’t happy about it. Bloomberg Businessweek recently polled 1,500 consumers to see what makes them most angry when dealing with a business. Their top three responses:

1) Speaking with multiple agents and starting over every time.

2) Dealing with rude or inexperienced representatives or service technicians.

3) Being kept on hold for long periods of time or unable to use self-service options successfully.

As the first point of contact for MCM clients, I can say confidently and with pride that they would disagree with the responses given in the Bloomberg Businessweek poll. In fact, after struggling with another service provider’s auto-menu recently, a client said to me, “That’s what I like about you guys; you always know who I am when I call.”

Our clients don’t see themselves as one of the masses and neither do I. I know them all by name and even the sound of their voice. No explaining who they are or fighting an automated menu. If I transfer a call, no one needs to tell their story again, hoping the next person can help. I’ve already relayed the message and directed them to the right individual.

One of the best things about my job is interacting directly with clients. I’m not only knowledgeable about their accounts, but also their personal lives. I love hearing about their families, travels and other interests. In a nutshell, the things that matter most to them. At MCM, I am the phone tree and I’m a real live human being. The first thing you’re going to hear when you call us is: “Hi, how are you?”

Lindsey N. Harris
Administrative Assistant

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